Top Corporate

The Top Corporate collection exalts the true naturalness of wood and its chromatic variations. There are filled knots and cracks that give a real appearance to the true essence of the Rustic Oak. The four sides of the element are produced with tongue-groove joint, micro-beveled in the 4 edges.

nominal dimensions
• Thickness 10 mm. (hardwood thickness 3 mm.)
• width 150 mm.
• Mixed length 1.200/1.000/800 mm.
(approx. 20% cut into 2 parts)

wooden species
Smoked Oak

Qualitative choices in compliance with UNI EN 13489 technical standards:
• Free Class FC.

finishing and treatments
All items require a finish “brushed Painted UV”

Can be laid with bi-component glue; however, the installation can also be “floating” on acoustic underlay strictly applying the vinyl glue in most parts of the “tongue/groove” (T / G).

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