Antiche Patine / Patina Minerale

Antiche Patine is a silicate colour wash for interior and exterior surfaces.  It creates a textured finish, with the possibility to obtain different nuances and shades depending on the colours and on the application technique.

Patina Minerale is a transparent vehicle, with colloidal silica base, appropriately modified with organic binders and special water repellents. Patina Minerale is ideal on mineral substrates such as CalceCruda. The chromatic effect resembles the antique colour washes typical of the mineral systems, with the possibility of obtaining tones and shades of colour on the basis of the techniques and the colours applied. The particular formulation of Patina Minerale allows high vapour permeability to be obtained, associated with good resistance to UV rays and atmospheric agents.

Patina Minerale represents the “Green Approach”. To reduce the "carbon footprint", Patina Minerale is formulated with a special binder. Based on a "mass balance approach" fossil raw materials in production are replaced with sustainable biomass.


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