The Caravaggio collection is a medium-small size pre-finished product that has the appearance of a long and narrow plank which is now very trendy in the world of architecture and design. The floor is in fact represented by a rustic choice which, through the presence of small natural knots, brings the naturalness of the wood directly into the environment in which it is laid. The four sides of the element are worked with a “male-female” joint and micro beveled.

Nominal dimensions:
• Thickness: mm. 10 (2,5 mm)
• Width: mm. 90
• Lenght: mm. 900

Qualitative choices in compliance with UNI EN 13489 technical standards:
• Rustic 

Wooden species
European Oak

Finishing and treatments
Brushed, UV varnished

It can be made using either bi-component glue with the acoustic underlay.

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