From the simplest notions of Euclidean plane geometry, starting from the primitive concept of straightness, to construct segments and therefore polygons such as triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, born the Euclide collection.

An elegant and refined range of floors that animate the combination of polygons of various shapes, colors and finishes to create so many variations that can satisfy any need for taste or match with classic or modern styles.

Each piece is cut from Oak highly selected and environmentally friendly. Bonded to a support and micro-beveled on all edges to maintain the classical quality of wood productions and further mark the transition from one shape to another.

All the elements have a modular and complementary dimension to each other and this allows the Euclide collection an infinite opportunity of combinations.
 The variations are made even more particular by the large and elegant color range and finishes. The designs of the Euclide collection recall old terracotta or hand-painted tiles but also evolve into new shapes and drawings of modern design.

Thickness: 15 mm. (4 mm. of hardwood top layer – variation of thickness ± 0.5 mm)
Grade: Standard, Rustica or Free Class.
Treatment: Water-Based Varnishing.

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