Artisan craftsmanship and tradition are the main traits of Italian culture. Combining artisan abilities with technological and technical proficiencies, experimental research added to the knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. Research and artisanal craftsmanship, usually perceived as two opposite concepts, are the foundation of the "Mur" collection.
Porcelain's full-body obtained by the process of extrusion is what makes each piece of this 
collection unique, as you will be able to witness when compared to one another.
The irregular surface combined with particular stokes of light and shadows creates ruff 
movements yet subtle and delicate for you to appreciate this irregular surface.
Any imperfections on every single piece do nothing but feed the concept of uniqueness and 
dissimilarity that is on the basis of our concept
and research.
The "Mur" collection has been conceived as a possible complement for 
all of our collections to allow the combinations between them. The line has a choice in 8 colors with a natural matte finish (Fusion, Olivier, Bright Grey, Milky, Brandy, Beach, Blue sky, smoked grey) and one glossy finish in the Milky Gloss to propose our reinterpretation of timeless and classic looks.

Size: 5,5x22,5cm

Thickness: 8mm

Finish: matt/glossy

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