The desire to break the mould, shapes this idea. Diversity and chaos coexist in a perfect balance.
An ordered disorder that makes the series Puzzle a one of a kind.
Different materials including reclaimed stone, cements, resins, marble and fossil woods are mixed as it was a symphony, where the different many sounds mingle
and blend, melt and mix each other, so the different materials and the various graphics do to create a new complex and versatile look.
We chose cold materials, primordial, essential in four colours: Clear, Cement, Coffee and Rust.
A shared flavour, but at the same time different in each colour: the Clear shows a major emphasis on marble looks, the cement on mortars, the coffee
on stones and the rust on metallic slabs.
A much more realistic percentage of truth for each colour.
Balance which is with constantly destabilized by the marks of the time, or the man himself. Rust, leaks, pant stains contaminate even more that rhythmic and cadenced disorder.
Puzzle, not always the harmony is provided by the order....

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