Our wallpapers combining avant-garde materials and high quality aesthetics are entirely produced in Italy. These coverings are easy and quick to install, even on curved surfaces. To embellish your interior, we develop various wallpapers to allow you to have the most beautiful look possible on specific supports. We therefore offer various collections: Decor; Fusion; Metal and Acoustic.

 The strengths of our Acoustic wallpaper : 

  • The finish of this material has a pleasant texture reminiscent of plaster.
  • This wallcovering’s sound-absorbing and sound-insulating properties improve the room’s acoustic comfort. It reduces noises from outside the room and muffles those that leave it.
  • This material can be easily washed with a mild neutral detergent dissolved in warm water. 

Technical Data Sheet of Acoustic here.

The strengths of our Décor wallpaper: 

  • The product and the production process conform to current international legislation and standards
  • Light finish that enhances the texture of the design.
  • The material does not release volatile substances that could pollute the indoor environment.

Technical Data Sheet of Décor here.

The strengths of our Fusion wallpaper :

  • It does not allow any water to enter the lower layer and completely waterproofs the surface to which it is applied.
  • It is ready to use and is very simple and quick to apply to surfaces which come into contact with water. There is no need to apply any additional protective treatments or waterproofing.
  • Its smooth and non-porous surface makes it mould and bacteria resistant. It prevents them from taking hold and spreading along joins or under the surface itself.

Technical Data Sheet of Fusion here.

The strengths of our Metal wallpaper :

  • This product gives architectural surfaces the iridescent reflections of metal. Its play on colour mixes and iridescent effects give interiors a distinctive look.
  • This material’s colours will not fade, even when directly exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods
  • This material’s finish has the delightful tactility of silk
Technical Data Sheet of Metal here.