Four Things You Can Learn Today About Parquet Flooring

Ancient Roman philosopher and naturalist Pliny the Elder wrote that:

¨Divine statues, resplendent as they are with gold and ivory, do not inspire in us any more veneration than sacred woods and their silence.¨

Inspired by Pliny the Elder´s words, and completely in awe with this material ourselves, we are sharing four interesting -- and we´re pretty sure about it -- little known facts about parquet flooring.

1. It all began in 17th century France, when aristocrats, tired of marble floors which required lots of washing up and maintenance, searched for an alternative. The solution proved to be parquet, hardwood pieces arranged in precise, repeating patterns. 

This prestigious, aristocratic pattern grew in popularity so fast that it became the standard flooring for the formal rooms of 17th century French chateaux.

2. France has a millennial tradition of sustainable forest management, starting with Cistercian monks, who looked after the forest heritage, preserved and expanded it. 

The forestry registries at the Dijon library mark this change: ¨A monk should not dare cut down a tree if he has not ensured that another is taking its place.¨

This is remarkable common sense and deep care for the environment.

3. Nowadays parquet can be found anywhere from private houses to escape rooms. Do you know which design is amongst the most popular? It´s the herringbone. Its wavy, melodic rhythms can soothe and bring our creativity to light. 

4. Parquet floors went out of fashion in the 1930s, when linoleum and carpet started to be used fervently because of the inexpensive and easy-to-use nature. However interest in vintage design resurged in the 1980s and parquet was back in people´s minds. There is something about wood, this raw material that has kept us company since the dawn of time. It has an ancestral appeal to us, its warmth bringing lots of comfort.

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