Installation and maintenance

Cement tiles need a special maintenance especially during the installation. Right after having installed the floor, it is imperative to treat it more times with an impregnating agent. Cement tiles must always be impregnated.

For the best possible result we highly suggest using our recommended impregnating agents for installation, maintenance, and cleaning which ensure optimal results preventing and/or removing stains and dirt.

Cleaning: We also sell  product soaps perfectly suitable for cement tiles that offers very good protection for daily use. These decorative tiles should be maintained with an acid-free agent.

Be proactive and try to avoid stains

Pay attention to wines, juices, and other fat products! Fatty products leave a grease stain that can be hard to remove. These elements are enemies of your beautiful floor.

Also acid substances are a threat. Be careful with products for example like generic soaps, chlorine, vinegar, or any other strong acid-containing soaps. These products can damage the surface of your floor in no time.

Long story short: With a first good impregnation after installation and a weekly maintenance with our mop soap, your floor will get a protective layer that will help it to age slower.