Floor heating provides your home with an extraordinarily comfortable and energy-efficient low-temperature system in a short time. Thanks to a particular milling machine for low-dust floors, the slots are ground into the shape of a snail shell. This ensures the best possible heat distribution on the floor 

Why floor heating?

  • Clean and dust-free: Our teams pay particular attention to cleanliness. The entire installation process is dust-free.
  • Creation of underfloor heating: We install underfloor heating by making dust slots that are cut directly into the floor to fit directly into the underfloor heating pipes.
  • Assembly and connection: We make sure that our high-quality distributor is connected to the central underfloor heating system so that it is delivered in operation/underwater or air pressure.
  • Explanation and warranty: Once everything is connected and tested, we will explain how the underfloor heating system works. If you agree and are satisfied with the work, we will give you your warranty certificate, and you can start enjoying an energy-efficient and comfortable floor. 

Contact us!

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your the floor you would like to install on the flooring system (tiles / parquet / screed / PVC). You will always receive personal advice.

Underfloor heating can be applied from a simple bathroom to a complete factory hall and everything in between.