We advise to have our cement tiles placed by an approved company that is experienced in placing these kinds of tiles. For best results it is important to follow the correct order of procedure. Only then you will be guaranteed of a floor for life!


  • For placing the tiles:
    • Primer
    • Flexible tile glue suitable for natural stone
    • Flexible grout, suitable for natural stone
    • Tile spacers, 2mm
    • Water-cooled tile saw
    • Grout trowel, glue trowel 8 mm, glue pot 
    • Breathable foil or colorless drapery
  • For cleaning, impregnating and maintaining cement tiles: 
    • Grout stain remover (cleaner)
    • Tile sealant (impregnation)
    • Tile oil or color intensifier (impregnation)
    • Tile soap (maintenance product) 


  • It is imperative that cement tiles will be impregnated twice before and twice after grouting them. (Make sure your tiles are dry and clean every time before you impregnate them).
  • Before grouting the tiles should be impregnated with the tile sealant. After grouting, the tiles should be impregnated
  • For the interim cleaning of the tiles, during the placement process, please use a cleanser Grout stain remover
  • For periodical maintenance of our tiles please use Azule Tile soap. (Acid free)






ROADMAP STEP 1 Glue the tiles on a flat surface with a flexible tile adhesive. Use a primer to amplify the adhesion. Use a trowel with recesses of 6-8 or 8-10 mm. Use 2 mm thick tile spacers. Immediately remove excess glue and dirt from the tile. Allow the glue to dry for at least 24 hours. STEP 2 Clean the floor with water after bonding using a sponge and / or cloth. (Mix a tiny bit of Azule Grout stain remover through water- 3 bottle tops). Wring the sponge every time while cleaning the floor. The tiles should not get too wet! Allow the floor to dry thoroughly. STEP 3 Make sure your tiles have been impregnated twice with Azule Tile sealant before you start grouting and make sure your floor is dry and clean. Use a Paint (lacquer) roller and a tray for applying the Azule Tile sealant and use a clean sponge to wipe any excess bubbles away. Do not perform any pressure. Repeat this step. Then leave this treatment to dry for at least 6 hours before you proceed to step 4. STEP 4 Use a waterproof grout. Only use silver grey, grey or jasmine color grouts and never use charcoal or black colored grouts on cement tiles. While grouting please remove excess grout, spilled on the surface of the tiles, directly. When the top layer of the grout has hardened – after about one hour – please clean the tiles with Azule Grout stain remover (1/3 of the bottle plus 5 parts of water) Wring your sponge frequently and renew your cleaning water regularly while cleaning your tiles. Allow the grout to dry for at least 12 hours. STEP 5 After impregnating the tiles with Azule tile sealant (Step 3), they need to be impregnated at least 2 more times with Azule Tile oil OR Azule Color intensifier. Depending on the room you have to use the correct product: Azule Tile oil: hallway, kitchen, living room and bedroom. Please note Tile oil should be rubbed in within 15 minutes with a lint-free cotton cloth. Azule Color intensifier: shower, bathroom, toilet and outdoor areas like a patio. Please note a) For a matt result: rub in directly with a lint-free cotton cloth. b) For a satin effect; do not rub but leave as it is when rolled on with the roller. Recommended for showers and outdoor terraces. Azule Nano spray; for vertically placed tiles STEP 6 Maintain your tiles periodically (about 1x per week) with Azule Tile soap and water . This is an acid-free product and contains a small concentration of impregnation fluid. Azule Tile soap extends the life of your tiles in a safe manner. You can easily re-order this product at our online store

NOTES - Always read the instructions on the treatment products. - Work in a clean and well- ventilated area. - Never use floor heating during the treatment of cement tiles. - It’s best to mix tiles from different boxes together. - For covering the tile floor during a renovation use a breathable foil like Permafix or a colorless drapery. Never cover floor with carton, plastic, cardboard or non-breathable materials. - Never use cleaning agents that contain acids; antilime detergent, bleach and chlorine. They will damage the cement tiles. - Always use an acid-free kit (Bison) for sealing joints in a bathroom. Mounted kit can be smoothened with Azule Tile soap . - Don’t let Azule Tile Oil dry out on top of the cement tiles. Always rub in with a lint-free cotton cloth. - Materials with drying Tile oil can ignite by heating. Expand used cloths and allow to dry outdoors. If necessary, store in a sealed container or underwater. - If you are uncertain about the proper treatment or have questions about the treatment schedule, please feel free to contact our helpdesk. We will advise you in the best possible way to obtain a great result