Artisan space Mosaic

An ordinary tin plate, bread crumbs fallen on the floor after a good and rich breakfast, an Indian restaurant, a photo booth, the bricks of Shoreditch houses, the Peter Harrison Planetarium, a ride on the famous red double-decker buses of London, the flavors of Marrakech. a remote galaxy observed through a telescope. Artisan space comes from a multifaceted and non-related number of inspirations.

The sophisticated and refined result of this encounter is adaptable to different spaces and contexts.

Arti is a handmade product obtained through extrusion, employing raw materials that stand out for their quality, aesthetic characteristics, and use. The product resulting from this process might show differences in size, surface irregularity, or planarity; these aspects are to be considered distinctive characteristics of the material itself. Besides, the glossy finish; regarding this aspect, the potential presence of small pinholes and minor differences in the application of the glaze is to be regarded as a typical feature of handmade products. If enhanced during the installation, these unique characteristics will emphasize the aesthetic look that differentiates this product from normal industrial ones. During the laying phase, it is important to mix randomly the different pieces of the boxes to achieve a more harmonic result.
Lay the material using porcelain stoneware glue. Being extruded material of irregular shape, it is recommended to lay the pieces by placing them side by side and rotating them without using spacers, to ensure that the joints are created automatically in an optimal way. Also, it is possible to apply the glue to directly on the piece in order to compensate for any differences in planarity.


2,5X3,6 cm On Net 29,5X29,5cm


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