With a great variety of styles, each one of Bricks has its own charm: the traditional Roman brick, the iconic London stock brick, the cream city brick from Wisconsin and so many more... all inspiring to our brick perception. Bricks are individually dry pressed in porcelain body, which enables them for interior and exterior use. There are eight different complementary faces randomly mixed. Beyond durablility, our design oriented view results in contemporary bricks with subtle wood touches, stone textures, classy shaded tonalities

Sizes : 

-4.5x23 cm Wall tiles

-6.8x27.8 cm Floor tiles

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In the era of e-commerce where almost everything is bought online, there are still some products that we don't feel comfortable putting them in a cart and straight commit to purchase them.

Choosing the floor, wall covering, or furniture for your project is something that requires reflection. You are choosing something that will stay there for years and for this reason, before taking the best choice you will need to have got an answer to all your questions.

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