Prisme is a study that investigates the reactions of light on different glaze applications. After many tests in the ceramics field, we found the holographic finish capable of drawing the light spectrum, thus Hologram was born, a glossy surface that takes on different colors with the changing of the light. Applied on 5x25cm sizes, Prisme evolves in 4 colors: Blanc, Beige, Vert, and Rose. Each color has both a matt and glossy surface and is offered in a mix completed by a holographic finish that creates an iridescent visual rhythm and redefines contemporary surfaces.

Size: 5x25cm

Thickness: 8mm

Finish: matt, glossy, hologram

Technology: white body single-fired wall tile

Inside each Hologram mix box there is a 24% Hologram finish, a 38% Matte finish and a 38% Glossy finish. The Hologram finish recreates the light spectrum through a glazing of precious metals. Each piece has different gradients with accumulations on the edges that are a peculiar feature of the product. The colours of the pieces may vary with shades of yellow/green, green/blue, yellow/orange, yellow/pink up to fuchsia and metallic blue. Each piece changes in color and reflectivity depending on where you look at it and the changing of the light. We recommend laying the product never putting two pieces of Hologram close together but mixing them between the matte and glossy finishes. We recommend using white cement grout joints. We recommend not using aggressive acids for cleaning but supermarket products. Do not use abrasive sponges as they can scratch the product surface.

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