The Caravaggio collection is a trendy pre-finished medium-small size with a narrow and long plank appearance. Its rustic style features small natural knots, bringing the wood's naturalness to any environment. The element has a "male-female" joint and micro bevelled sides.

Caravaggio 90
• Thickness: mm. 10 (2,5 mm)
• Width: mm. 90
• Lenght: mm. 900

Caravaggio 150
• Thickness: mm. 15 (4 mm)*
• Width: mm. 150
• Lenght: mm. 1600/2000

Caravaggio 190
• Thickness: mm. 10 (4 mm)*
• Width: mm. 190
• Lenght: mm. 1600/2000

* variation of thickness ± 0.5 mm

Qualitative choices in compliance with UNI EN 13489 technical standards:
• Caravaggio 90 Rustic □
• Caravaggio 150 and 190: Free Class FC

Wooden species
European Oak

Finishing and treatments
Brushed, UV varnished

The Caravaggio 90 can only be installed with the use of bi-component glue.
For the Caravaggio 150 and 190 it is recommended to use bi-component glue.

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