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Portugues cement tile in hexagon shape 20x23cm

The Portuguese cement tiles are one of the most special handmade floor and wall products we have in our assortment.

Portuguese cement tiles are an ancient product. They are handmade and hand-painted piece by piece. These tiles tell the story of our ancestors and how these pieces use to decorate our spaces filling them with colors and patterns. Those mosaics can be found on floors or walls of churches, museums, palaces, and houses. You can also find them in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies also to simulate carpets.

Unlike other flooring solutions, Portuguese cement tiles are an ecological product that respects the environment. No heating is required during the production of these mosaics, and the materials used are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our decorative tiles consist exclusively of natural and durable materials. Our tiles are made with a paste of marble powder, cement, grit, and color pigments.


The majority of our cement tiles are made upon request. For this reason, the delivery can take between 6 and 8 weeks. We also offer a 360 degrees service for the most demanding clients and their needs either for private or commercial projects. We can change the colors of your selected product according to your desire. Book an appointment with us to discover what are the possibilities!

Because we know that sometimes our costumers need just a very small quantity or they are just in rush, our factories keep a selection of tiles in stock. These already produced items are ready to be shipped and will spare you some time!

Cement tiles are a handmade product and for this reason, they need different maintenance compared to a stronger product e.g. ceramic tiles. Impregnating agents need to be applied during the installation. Floor Studio NDSM can provide you also the right product for daily maintenance which we strongly recommend using also to prevent dirt and stains.

If you decided to purchase a Portugues cement tile, you should read the following: 

These decorative tiles are entirely produced by hand and a majority of natural ingredients being used during the production process.  For this reason, slight deviations in color, form and pattern should be considered as normal. 

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