Playful & Colourful Floor Ceramic Tiles to Brighten You Up

  February is all about ceramic floor tiles here at Floor Studio NDSM. The last winter month can be pretty bleak indeed. Worry not though, spring is just around the corner, so why not warm ourselves up with some playful and colourful examples of ceramic tiles while we wait for nature to blossom back to life?

  Let's start off by showcasing our impressive Kaleido tiles. A bright mood is just a sight away when you're blessed with such beauties around you! If you want to further explore this striking collection, you can head here.

  More traditional patterns can be reinterpreted by tiling them in a less traditional way. Sometimes we just need to break free from what we know and reimagine things from a completely different perspective. Enter our collection Frame, a celebration of imagination in its purest form. 

  How often do you daydream about your future? What is the image of your future self? Sometimes the slightest element can enter our subconscious, creating a loop of creative patterns.

  Art is always the best medium that helps us unlock our most hidden thoughts and desires. So make sure your home reflects who you are and who you want to be. Having a floor that inspires and drives you to do your best creative work is really something worthwhile, isn't it? Check out these amazing tiles from our Futurista collection. 

 Work during the week, come home to relax in the evening. With a well-inspired floor surface coming home will become the best part of your day. Our next example comes from the collection Domenica, a feast of tranquil landscapes.

 Finally, let's go all in with our collection Multicolor - an open invitation to releasing the colours to their full potential. Are you thinking about a classical white floor? Think again! Life is too short for monochromality. Feel free to explore the vast possibilities that this collection has to offer here.

 Which one is your favourite? You can see them all in person in our showroom in Amsterdam NDSM. We have plenty of other colours, textures and combinations available and we're always happy to assist you in making your project come true. Feel free to book an appointment or send us an email