Redecorate Your Terrace with Hard-wearing Porcelain Tiles

As we´re entering March, the long, stormy days of winter begin to fade in the background of our minds. With spring approaching, each one of us will be longing to spend more time outdoors.

So if you´re planning to get creative and revamp your backyard, patio or, who knows?, swimming pool, here are some useful things to keep in mind when it comes to projects using ceramic tiles for outdoor purposes.

Outdoor porcelain tiles are extremely durable

Porcelain tiles are manufactured by using heat at very high temperatures, which makes them extremely hard-wearing and scratch-resistant. These tiles won´t crack because of temperature changes and they are resistant to mold and moss growth.

Colored porcelain tiles will retain their color years after purchasing them. They can withstand strong sunlight, frost or heavy rainfalls. They are oftentimes chosen over materials like concrete or stone because of their friendly adaptability to any weather condition.

Do you have kids or pets? You can count on porcelain tiles to look like new years after installation. They are your safest bet when it comes to potential attacks by way of scratching, hitting, jumping on, or any other fun ways of interacting with them. 

They are ridiculously easy to maintain

If you´re looking for the easiest product to maintain, well, you´ve found it. Porcelain tiles do not get stained easily, unlike stone or concrete. Stone can be damaged by the use of certain detergents, while concrete will in time produce a white-colored build-up. You can completely remove these worries from your mind if you opt for porcelain tiles instead.

You can recreate all sort of looks using porcelain 

Do you want your terrace to look like a wooden floor? And still be able to enjoy the minimum maintenance and the maximum durability offered by porcelain tiles? Well in that case the answer is easy. 

Check out our ´Out Wood Look´ collection, an appreciation of wood and porcelain alike! 

Or are you more of a pebble kind of person? In that case, we present you ´Out Pebble Look´, a natural 3D floor made of porcelain of course, that will enliven your outdoor area. 

Ready to give your garden, terrace or balcony a boost? Explore our catalogue and go wild!