In the Impregnated collection, natural oak is treated with colors created specifically to reproduce the tones of certain essences such as walnut or wenge, or to give the possibility to choose a wooden floor with a design color or one that proposes a trend of the moment. The collection is available in many formats and different finishes to best suit the most diverse needs.

Nominal dimensions
Thickness: 15 mm. (4 mm. hardwood top layer – variation of thickness ± 0.5 mm)
Width: 190 – 110 – 70 mm.
Lengths: 1.700 -2.000 mm.

Type of Wood

The material is in compliance with UNI EN 13489 technical standards

Water-based Varnishing, UV Vanishing, UV Oiling.

It can be installed using either bi-component glue or floating with the acoustic underlay.

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