Shipping policy

Each product can have a different delivery time and cost according to its origin, 
Once purchased the products we will mutually agree on a specific day to deliver your order.

Delivery will take place between 8 and 17. (delivery at a specific time might be possible for an extra fee). Orders will be delivered and placed as close as possible to the door of the delivery address still accessible by the pallet truck. The driver does not bring the materials inside the customer's premises or to locations where the trucks cannot reach the premises. This means that in the case of a construction site where there is not an actual road, the truck will leave the goods where the road reaches the closest.

Please note that in case nobody is present at the location at the time of the delivery, we will need to plan another delivery for additional costs
At the moment of the delivery, the receiver needs to check if the material received is in good condition, sign the documentation and keep it. In case of any damage to the goods, it is necessary to take pictures and specify them in the documents handed over to the driver. If the receiver does not sign the documentation or does not report the damage on it, no claims will be accepted. Purchases must allow for a 3% breakage in transport. 

Sometimes deliveries can face delays. Shipments are managed by third transport parties, and for this reason in no case Floor Studio NDSM, can be held responsible or chargeable with any cost or indemnity due to any delay.