Maxi Herringbone

The herringbone wooden floor has very ancient origins. It dates back to ancient Rome with the establishment of the use of wood for the floors of the houses and the palaces of the nobles. Today, the wooden floor is re-evaluated in a more modern way, with a new design approach, through sizes and finishes, but still maintaining the soul and the taste of noble times.
The Maxi Herringbone collection is born with these intentions, an extremely modern and trendy product with its French-style cut formed by very wide and not too long planks: the result of the installed floor is of great effect and makes the chevron installation, usually linked to the classic floors, unusually fresh and of great aesthetic impact.

Nominal dimensions
• Thickness: 15 mm. (4 mm. hardwood top layer – variation of thickness ± 0.5 mm)
• Width: 190 mm.
• Lengths: 800 mm.

Type of Wood
Oak (Quercus Robur).

The material is in compliance with UNI EN 13489 technical standards:

It can be made using either bi-component glue or “floating” by the use of an acoustic underlay.

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