It is necessary to create a support on which strip floor will be installed.
Such support comprises of the same boards (or material suitable for outdoors) laid on the underlayer at a distance of about 30/40 cm. form each other. Boards of the actual flooring are installed on this support by using screws leaving a space of at least 3 mm. between each other to allow water draining in case of cleaning, rain or snow. Stainless steel screws are to be placed in a combined manner (if needed refer to: “additional materials” section). A new installation technique is becoming more widespread: laying using double groove concealed plates and screws.

Warning. In order to avoid cracks and setting complications during installation with rounded edges due to high density of the material, site perforation is necessary. The floor should be treated with vegetable oils or natural primers after installation: such operation should be repeated periodically before summer and winter.
(for the needs see the chart, section “supplementary materials”)