Additional information & frequently asked questions:

  1. How is the moss produced? The moss is picked from Norway and Finland. (reindeer moss). The moss is first dried and then preserved in a mixture of water, color and glycerin. (Glycerin is also used in e.g. creams and soaps to retain moisture). The moss is naturally a whitish/grey shade, and gets a color added in the preservation process.
  2. Does the moss require maintenance? No. The moss is maintenance-free. And in addition, it is also allergy friendly. The moss is no longer alive, and therefore requires no maintenance, water or sunlight. It does not attract dust or insects. It can become dry to touch after some time, but it can be softened again with a water atomizer. However, the appearance will remain the same.
  3. Can the moss be used outside? The moss can be used outside, but we recommend that it be well protected and installed in an area where the humidity is not too high all year round. If you are in doubt about the above, we do not recommend mounting it outside.
  4. Is the moss waterproof? The moss is not water resistant. The color with which the moss is colored can disappear over time and give off color on the floor/walls. However, you can easily 'water' the moss if you think it looks dry, with a water atomizer, without problems.
  5. Can you cut into the moss? Yes, you can cut the moss. The moss is mounted on the same felt that we use for our Akupanels and this can easily be cut using a hobby knife. If the moss is tangled, you can use scissors to your advantage.  

 Materials and Maintenance

For the best mossy experience, keep the humidity between 40 – 60%. If it drops, the moss might feel a bit firmer, but it'll soften up as the humidity rises.

  • Keep the panels away from direct sunlight or harsh lamp light.
  • Avoid very dry air; steer clear of fireplaces and heaters.
  • The panels should not be watered.Avoid moisture to keep the preservation intact.
  • Remember, they're natural, so slight variations in color or texture might occur. And they might have a natural scent initially, but it'll fade over time.

Installation Instructions: 

These panels are easy to mount - all you have to do is to drive screws through the felt and into the wall. It’s as simple as that!