Travertino depicts the vein-cut, where the block of stone is cut following the veins, with a look that softens the contrasts without losing recognisability and character; the tonal variations are nuanced and refined, bold and never too strongy.

Suitable for both floor and wall installation, it is also perfect for highlighting architectural volumes (staircases, niches, masonry sections, etc.) as well as for enhancing individual elements (kitchen islands, bathroom units, etc.). It creates an almost monolithic total look when chosen on its own, or it suggests an eclectic and original style when combined with our more modern materials, such as cements or metals.

The collection is available in three colours: Beige has a neutral dominant for a modern twist; Bianco is pure with soft shades; Grigio suggests a minimalist effect and mitigates the cold veins with warmer tones


  • 75x150 cm / 30”x60” R
  • 75x75 cm / 30”x30” R
  • 60x60 cm / 24”x24” R
  • 30x60 cm / 12”x24” R

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