Underlay for PVC

Our underlay has been specially designed and tested for use with our Rigid PVC/Vinyl planks and tiles. We strongly recommend to use our underlay in all situations. Using a different underlay could lead to damages or a less than optimal performance of the floor. In that event the warranty provided will become void.

 Why our underlay?

  • LEVELLING: it compensates for imperfections up to 2mm/lm op and in that way ensures a beautiful level floor. Because the perfectly flat sub floor does not exist. If the substrate is made up of tiles, the underlay will level out gaps up to 5 mm wide and 4 mm deep.
  • CRACKING: dust and particles between the floor and the substrate can lead to an irritating, crackling noise and in the longer term even to damage to your floor. Using our underlay will avoid this problem.
  • ISOLATION TRANSMISSION SOUND: our PVC/Vinyl floors In combination with this underlay, will provide a reduction in sound of 21 dB (European standard: 18 dB). Very relevant in apartments or if the children’s room is situated above the living space.
  • IMPACT RESISTANCE: Our PVC/Vinyl floors are event more impact resistant if in combination with the underlay, which helps to absorb abrupt shocks (high heels, falling objects) without damage to the floor.
  • TICKING NOISE/PROTECTION CLICK: by installing underlay, you will avoid the creation of echo chambers between the PVC/Vinyl floor and the sub floor. These echo chambers lead to a “drum effect” while you are walking on the floor.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating and cooling
  • Barely 2 millimetres thick

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